Saturday, November 9, 2013

Supporting Boldness & Semantics Matter: My Interaction with Rick Wormeli

Have you ever had an experience with another person that for them was probably pretty mundane, but for you it was anything but?

A couple of months back we were discussing educational leadership in our Master's class. As a part of this we were tasked with crafting a set of questions that each of us in the learning community would use to interview an educational leader - we would then share back with what we learned. As we talked about who we would interview the usual suspects popped up - mentor teachers, assistant principals, principals, a superintendent here and there. Like most I initially thought I'd interview my principal. However, on a whim I sort of sarcastically said I was going to interview Rick Wormeli. I got a few chuckles and a couple eye rolls...and that's all I needed. Challenge accepted!

If you've ever had the opportunity to hear Rick speak you know a couple of things - one, you know he is awesome and two, he gives you his contact info...As in his home email and phone number. So, I figured if he gives it out publicly he has to expect that the occasional nut job will indeed contact him. It was my time to be that nut job.